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  1. 1 Medium Red Cabbage

  2. 2 Cups Mushroom Caps -- chopped

  3. 1 Cup Green Bell Peppers (Or Red) -- chopped

  4. 3 Cups Carrots -- sliced thin

  5. 3 Cups Celery -- sliced thin

  6. 4 Large Onion (Vidalia Or Spanish Are Great) -- sliced

  7. 1 Can Healthy Request Chicken Broth

  8. 1 Tbsp Caraway Seed

  9. 6 Slices Mozzarella Cheese - Low Fat -- optional

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  1. Preparation : Cut cabbage into quarters. Grate approx.

  2. to make 2 cups of grated cabbage. Separate remaining cabbage into its separate leaves. Put aside. Slice the onions into rings, or large chunks if desired, but rings are nicer. In large bowl, mix together the grated cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, celery, caraway seed. Mix together well. Spray large glass casserole dish with non fat spray. Place a layer of the cabbage leaves in bottom, top with a layer of the vegetable mixture, then the onion slices (rings). Repeat these layers, ending with the cabbage leaves. Pour the chicken broth over the entire thing. Cover (use alum. foil if your dish has no cover) and bake at 400f for approx.

  3. minutes. Remove from oven and add the low fat cheese arranged over the top. Return to oven and bake approx. another 15 min. or til vegetables are to desired tenderness. The cabbage leaves just add a different texture, rather than using all grated cabbage, but you could grate the whole cabbage if you wish and just layer it with the onion. This makes 6-8 servings.


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