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  2. CookinWithKidZ

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  8. Uploaded by CookinWithKidZ on Mar 12, 2007

  9. In my first episode I make one of my favorites..steak and cheese calzone!

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  18. Great, but don´t you spice or season the steaks when cooking them ??? Or are steak um´s already saltered and peppered. Please verify...

  19. Matthyen no they are not already seasoned. While they were cooking I added salt, pepper, and garlic CookinWithKidZ This looks good. But you didn't explain about the dough. Did you make it? Is it canned bread dough or pizza dough?

  20. cgtlv In the begining of the video I go through the ingrediants and show it :)

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  22. You are cute! and u cook really well!

  23. sMiLA

  24. choco 33333333

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  26. endofdays 5767

  27. zerogravitydude Hmm the cereal in the beginning looked moderate the meat however don't trust it. Next time less of the cheesy comments (Yamoow.) I would recommend that after cutting the onions not to mix with a knife especially if using a non-stick pan as this could damage the coating.

  28. joyinho sloride 2 mmm looks good, but i didnt like the look of that 'Meat' you had... ive never seen that. I like real fresh steak.

  29. burntsoup

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