• 2servings
  • 15minutes

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  1. 12 ladyfingers

  2. 2 cups melted vanilla ice cream

  3. 4 tablespoons orange flavored liqueur

  4. 1 cup raspberries

  5. Whipped cream , as a garnish, optional

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  1. Photo: Ladyfinger Parfaits Recipe Line 2 large wineglasses with ladyfingers all along the inside perimeter of the glass.

  2. In a bowl, mix the melted ice cream and the liqueur. Drop some raspberries in the bottom of each glass. Top with one-quarter of the ice cream mixture per glass. Add another layer of raspberries, then more ice cream mixture, and then make the last layer raspberries.

  3. Top with whipped cream, if using.


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