• 4servings
  • 330minutes

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MineralsCopper, Chromium, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Cobalt, Molybdenum

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  1. 2 quart(s) Produce, spice, cream milk, Poultry meat. , Prepare with caution of heated ingredients.

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  1. Take precautions of cooling ingredients to safe temperature for next steps and safely utilize oven mits, and be careful when adding ingredients to oven hot half baked turkey not to pull oven rack out to far so rack stays safely in oven. Be careful adding fresh ingredients so not to splash hot turkey broth in roaster out at you. BEGIN RECIPE PREPARATION: Prebake or preboil just until soft for cutting Completly cool and now you can Carefully inch cube cut the prewashed and precooked two sweet potatoes before you add them to the Roasting pan of the ready to be fully roasted turkey and at half cooking of turkey almost to done time carefully add three carrots that you will now roast with your half cooked oven hot turkey, and proceed to roast these three ingredients until fully cooked. Thorougly cool cooked turkey and Sweet potatoes and carrots. Utililze one pound of your precooked turkey, if you made a stuffing for your turkey in Roasting pan with the sweet potatoes, etc. is good to serve as a side dish with your finished soup, carefully remove when turkey is cooled and set aside to cool. Just before Turkey stuffed with your fav bread stuffing and sweet potatoes and carrrots on side of turkeys last 40 minutes of baking time Safely add these to oven hot turkey roasting pan of roasting turkey: Ring cut two onions, two small white potatoes cut to inch cubes. At End of Roast-time, after ingredients have safely cooled down about 1 and 1 half hours or more cool down time til cool and carefully remove stuffing if you added one to the turkey. Next add diced turkey and all ingredients that were prepared with the turkey Safely being cautious of heated food,and now Four celery stalks cut in wedges, and Turkeys broth into large kettle, add freshly half cooked wide egg noodles, salt or not and pepper to taste and one eighth teaspoon pumpkin or poultry seasoning, and one third cup of cream milk and proceed to finish cooking all ingredients together until noodles and celery are cooked to soft. Safely Serve Cooled down soup, with your stuffing, and some fresh made bread, your own freshly made bread if you have the time. A nice Apple Cranberry juice should complement your soup.


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