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  1. 2 poblano chiles, made into rajas

  2. 2 tablespoons butter

  3. 8 eggs

  4. 4 scallions, sliced thin

  5. 3 ounces fresh goat cheese

  6. 16 medium flour tortillas, warmed

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  1. To make the rajas: Place the poblano chiles over an open flame or under a broiler and char all sides. When charred, remove from fire and place in a plastic bag for 20 minutes. Remove the chiles from the bag and scrape off the charred skin with a knife or rub with a towel to remove the skin . Cut a slit down the side of the pepper and remove the seeds and veins. Slice the remainder of the pepper into 1/2-inch thick strips. Break the eggs into a mixing bowl and lightly beat with a whisk or fork. In a non-stick skillet melt butter and add the rajas. Saute for about 1 minute and add the eggs. Stir the eggs for about 1 minute, until they begin to firm up and add the scallions and goat cheese. Continue stirring until eggs are cooked to your liking. Serve inside warm flour tortillas .


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