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  1. 17 Aug

  2. 01 EDT

  3. From: EPATRICK


  5. From the August issue of Gourmet magazine.

  6. Once steeped, this vinegar is supposed to "keep for several months.

  7. (Garnishes and other solids left in the jar, however, may discolor or break down.)"

  8. Tarragon Green-Peppercorn Vinegar

  9. 1 cup packed fresh tarragon leaves plus sprigs for garnish,

  10. rinsed and spun dry

  11. 1 T. freeze-dried green peppercorns, cracked coarse, plus whole

  12. peppercorns for garnish

  13. 2 cups white-wine vinegar

  14. Put the tarragon leaves in a very clean 1 qt glass jar and bruise them with a wooden spoon. Add the cracked peppercorns and the vinegar and let the mixture steep, covered with the lid, in a

  15. 4 days to

  16. 2 weeks. Strain the vinegar

  17. through a find sieve into a glass pitcher, discarding the solids,

  18. 2 very clean 1/2 pint glass jars. Add the

  19. tarragon sprigs and the whole peppercorns and seal the jars with

  20. the lids.


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