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  1. 1 egg white

  2. 3 cups castor sugar

  3. 250 gns creamed honey

  4. rice paper

  5. 8 medium white chocolate buttons

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  1. Place egg white in a mixing bowl and whisk until peaked. Add castor sugar and mix for 5 minutes then add creamed honey which should be slightly heated. Once all is added mix for 10 minutes.

  2. Roast almonds slowly until golden on the inside.

  3. When 10 minutes is up put in a pot on the lowest possible heat and stir constantly for 30 minutes. At thirty minutes do finger test, the mix should peel and roll in a ball. Add white melted chocolate buttons and almonds. Mix and place on to rice paper and spead evenly to edges of the paper. Place the other piece of rice paper on top and even out gaps and oll with a rolling pin.

  4. Rice paper should be shiny on the inside and rough on the outer side.

  5. Allow to cool and shop with a sharp knife then refrigerate.


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