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  1. 250g (9oz) frozen shortcrust pastry, thawed

  2. 100gms (4oz) walnuts

  3. 5 tbsp golden syrup

  4. 50g (2oz) butter

  5. 3 large eggs, one separated

  6. 100g (4oz) light brown sugar

  7. 6 plums, halved and stoned

  8. 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

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  1. Have ready an oblong flan tin 11x35cm (4.5x13.5ins) or a deep 24cm (9ins) flan tin. Preheat oven to 180C/350F/gas 4.

  2. Finely chop one quarter of the pecan nuts and lightly knead them into the pastry.

  3. Roll out pastry and use to line the flan tin. Bake Blind for 10 minutes, remove beans and paper and return to oven for further 5 mins.

  4. Lightly whisk the separated egg white and use some to brush over the base and sides of the flan. Leave in the fridge while making the filling.

  5. Melt together the butter and syrup, then beat together with the eggs, including yolk of the separated one, sugar and essence. Roughly chop remaining walnuts.

  6. Remove tart case from oven and brush base all over with beaten egg white. Whisk any left over into syrup mixture.

  7. Place tart in tin on a baking sheet. Lay plum halves in tart, scatter with remaining pecans and carefully pour over the egg mixture.

  8. Bake for 30-35 mins until mixture is set and a knife point comes out clean when inserted. Serve warm or cold.


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