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  1. Preparation : This one is pretty simple and can be adjusted up or down, depending on how much you want to make. Take leftover ham (however much you have or want to make) If you're making it from a frozen piece of ham, put it in the water and boil it until tender. Add water to this to make it about 2 quarts. About 2 quarts of water (how much depends on how much you want to make) 2 lbs. of string beans (again, if you're using frozen put them in the water when the ham has about 10 more minutes to go. If you're using fresh, put them in earlier so they get tender too. I use a few bullion cubes for flavor. Here are a few variations: You can peel and cube 2 or 3 potatoes I prefer red potatoes, they don't get as mushy when reheated, and put them in, about 20 minutes before the rest is done. You can add a can of corn. You can cut cabbage into strips and add it about 10-15 minutes before the rest is done. It's an easy recipe, it seems to get better the more times you reheat it. I like to serve it with buttered Ital


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