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  2. 2 Dill flowers

  3. 2 cloves Garlic, peeled, halved

  4. Lengthwise 1 small Dried hot chili

  5. 1 1/4 lb (8-10) pickling cucumbers

  6. 6 Long sprigs fresh dill

  7. 1 tb Coarse kosher salt

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  1. Put a dill flower, 2 half cloves of garlic, and thedried chili on the bottom of a sterilized 1 quartMason jar. Add the cucumbers upright, leaving a smallhole in the center. Fill the hole with the sprigs ofdill. If using shorter cucumber (3 to 4 inches long),add a few more on top to fillthe jar to the shoulder.

  2. Add the remaining dill flower and half cloves ofgarlic. Top with the salt.

  3. Fill the jar with cold water to within 1/8 inch of thetop. Place a sterilized seal firmly on top and screwon the ring. Shake the jar a few times to dissolvethe salt.

  4. Place the jar upside down on a counter, out of directsunlight and away from heat. Leave the jar for 4 to 5days, alternately flipping it right side up onde dayand upside down the next, until the liquid insidebecomes murky. Let sit right side up for 2 more days,then refrigerate.

  5. The pickles should be ready to eat as soon as chilled,with a refrigerator shelf life of about 6 months.

  6. However, if you don';t like hot pickles, remove thechili pepper after one month.

  7. VARIATION: for half sour dills, which are milder andcrunchier, refrigerate the pickles after the first 4to 5 days; do not let them sit for the additional 2days.

  8. For any of the cucumber recipes, a grape leaf or twomay be added to each jar if extra crispness is desire


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