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  1. Diana Susen

  2. 7860 Woodland Lane

  3. West Bend, WI 53090

  4. 262-692-9529 or Fax: 262-692-3008

  5. E-mail: info


  7. Web:

  8. Product Descriptions

  9. 1996 and expanded to a second farm in

  10. 1997. Our farms are TB accredited and Wisconsin Farm

  11. 19 in the CWD Monitoring Program. Elk meat is slaughtered and inspected in a Wisconsin State facility. Elk graze on natural pastures and are supplemented with natural grains, locally grown and mixed. Our farm is a member of the Elk Quality Assurance Program, and Something Special from the Wisconsin marketing program of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. We are also Wisconsins largest distributor of elk velvet capsules which are sold in health food stores and on the Internet.


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