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  1. Send us your tips > 1 cup (225g, 8oz) sugar 2 cups (300g, 10oz) plain flour (sifted) 1 cup of butter (200g, 7oz) melted 1tsp vanilla extract 1tsp of baking powder A pinch of salt 1 egg Chocolate bar or chocolate chips (if you want to make them as chocolate chip biscuits)

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  1. Add the sugar and melted butter in a bowl and mix together - a wooden spoon is fine, no need for a whisk. Sift the flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt together and add to the sugar and butter mixture. Add the chocolate chips at this stage if you're making chocolate chip cookies. Mix together using your hand. Once you get a dough texture, add the egg and knead using your hand again. Spread some butter onto a baking tray. Take some of the dough, roll into ball then flatten a little. Keep them on the small side as they spread out during baking. Also, don't keep biscuits close to each other otherwise they will get stuck together. Place in the oven and bake on a low heat. They're ready when the edges are a bit golden.


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