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  1. 350 F oven

  2. 1 Box Yellow Cake Mix

  3. 1 Stick margarine or butter,

  4. 1 egg Melt butter in microwave, stir it, make sure it's not too hot. Stir in egg thoroughly, add to cake mix, stir up into a cookie dough. All dry ingredients should be moistened. At this point you can use it or wrap it airtight and store in fridge up to a couple of weeks. Scoop about a heaping teaspoon full and mould it around a chocolate mint wafer. If you have a gem pan (shallow muffin tin), put them into the depressions. Bake at

  5. 350 degrees, check after

  6. 9 minutes. ("Cook at moderate heat until done.") Cool completely in pan, remove with plastic fork. Will make more than

  7. 4 dozen. --Jocelyn "Mom" Baden, Costa Mesa CA

  8. 6 cookies and fits neatly on the rack.


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