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  1. 4 slices seeded rye bread

  2. 2 tbsp. dijon mustard with horseradish

  3. 112 g thinly sliced Swiss cheese

  4. 112 g thinly sliced Black Forest ham

  5. 4 tsp. chopped fresh dillweed

  6. 1 large egg

  7. 1 tbsp. butter

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  1. Spread 1 side of each bread slice with mustard. Place 1/2 of the cheese over 2 bread slices. Top with all of ham. Place remaining cheese over ham. Sprinkle with 1 tsp. dill and top with remaining bread slices to form 2 sandwiches. Whisk together egg and 3 tsp. dill in a small bowl. Brush both sides of sandwiches with egg mixture. Melt butter in a large skillet. Add sandwiches. Cover and cook until sandwiches are golden and cheese is melted, about 6 minutes per side. Serve immediately.


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