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  1. To convert favorite recipes for slow cookers: : Regular Timing--Slow Cooking 15-30 min...1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hr on high*; 4-8 on low** 35-45 min...3 to 4 hrs on high; 6-10 on low 50 min -3 hrs...4 to 6 hrs on high; 8-16 on low*High= 275 to 350 degrees F...**Low= 180 to 190 degrees FTO TEST COOKER TEMPERATURE-TIMING: Fill cooker half full of cold tap water. Heat, covered on high for 2 1/2 hours. If water boils in less time reduce recipe cooking time. If it takes more than 3 hours to boil add cooking time.

  2. FOR SAFETY: Use pot in a safe place where cord is up out of the wat. Never store food in crockery pot. sudden temperature changes can crack ceramic liners.

  3. degrees F. is a minimum safe temperature. Read and use cooker instructions carefully.

  4. TO SERVE CROCKERY COOKING: Garnish with parsley, carrot curls, crushed corn chips, tomatoes, sauces, olives, pimentoes, mint leaves, lemon or orange slices.

  5. ADDITIONAL CROCKERY COOKING HINTS: Use timer for starting pot and cooking when you aren't around; Crossed strips of folded aluminum foil under roast will let you lift it quickly and safely to serving dish; Most recipes for low temperature can be prepared in half time on high; A slow pot is excellent for fondues, dips, hot punch, sauces and as a bun warmer. Hope this help


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