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  1. 4 Portobella mushrooms

  2. 1 Red bell pepper

  3. 1 jalapeno

  4. 1 ts Miso

  5. 1 bunch arugula

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  1. -lettuce Carefully remove stems from mushrooms (use for soup) and clean them thoroughly. Marinate in vinegar/miso/soy sauce for an hour or so. Dice the mango and pepper, chop the jalapeno, and toss with a little vinegar. Clean the lettuce and separate into single leaves. Grill the mushrooms on both sides. When grilling the top, turn the mushroom 90 degrees halfway through to get a square or diamond crosshatch pattern. To serve, fan 3 lettuce leaves on the plate, center the mushroom, and place a dollop of chutney on either side. The original recipe is in Vegetarian Times, probably sometime last summer. Enjoy! - Dave Garland


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