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MineralsCalcium, Cobalt

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  1. 1 x 

  2. 8 to 

  3. 12 oz New York Sirloin

  4. 1/4 c Olive Oil

  5. 1/4 c Teriyaki Sauce

  6. 2 tb Worcestershire Sauce

  7. Coarsley Crushed Peppercorns

  8. Red Wine

  9. Cream

  10. Cognac

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  1. Combine olive oil, teriyakia and worcestershire sauces to form a marinade for the meat. Or, you may use a marinade recipe of your choice. Marinade the steak at least a few hours, or overnight in the fridge turning the meat occasionally.

  2. Crush enough peppercorns to cover the steak on both sides. Put the crushed peppercorns on a cutting board and press the steak onto the peppercorns to coat. Do the same for both sides of the steak.

  3. Heat a heavy skillet (preferably cast iron with grill lines) and plop the steak into it. Depending on the meat and the marinade, you may have to add a bit of oil.

  4. Cook both sides evenly until the meat is medium rare, or to your liking.

  5. Put the meat on a heated plate. Keep the liquid in the skillet and add some wine to deglaze the skillet. (ie collect all the remains into a sauce). Cook (fairly high heat) until the sauce thickens, stirring occasionally.

  6. For more sauce, or Steak au Poivre la Creme, add cream and cook a little longer. Usually you need to do this to thicken the sauce.

  7. Add cognac, cook some more. Sauce should always be thick. Pour sauce over steak and optionally flambe in cognac (Steak au Poivre Flambe).

  8. Serve with Parisienne potatos and carrots.

  9. From the kitchen of Peggy and Bruce Travers,Cyberealm BBS Watertown NY 315-786-1120


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