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  1. Ingredients spaghetti olive oil onions cheddar cheese , low fat or the real stuff jack cheese pepper jack cheese black olives corn (fresh or canned) green onions chopped up chili powder garlic powder sour cream avocado your favorite marinara sauce (ie, Raos, whatever you like!!)

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  1. How to make it Boil the pasta and then in a separate pan put some olive oil on the bottom. Saute onions, with corn and black olives and add some garlic powder and chili powder to taste... then add to the onions, corn and olives your favorite marinara sauce Now, mix the pasta and sauce together and put in a baking dish. On the top chop up some fresh green onions and dot with cheddar cheese, jack cheese, pepper jack cheese and drizzle some more olive oil over the top. Bake at 375 for about thirty minutes and this dish is so yummy... If you want to add some sour cream over the top just take a spoon and put over the baked pasta... and serve with some avocado slices on the side of your plate with the baked pasta surrounding the pasta with a circle of avocado's. You can also chop up some fresh tomatoes and more white onions and add to this circle. that surrounds the pasta... It's pasta but very Spanishy and great!! When you want to indulge this is it!!!


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