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  1. American corn 1 cup

  2. Peas 1 cup

  3. Sugar 1 tsp.

  4. Spring onions(chopped) 2 bunches

  5. Red pepper(chopped) 1 no.

  6. Sour Cream  1/2 cup

  7. Mint leaves(chopped) 3 tbsp.

  8. Cabbage leaves to serve in

  9. Pepper to taste

  10. Salt to taste

  11. 1.Boil the corn till it is tender, drain and keep aside.

  12. 2.Boil the peas in water till tender(add sugar and salt to the water to retain the green colour of the peas).Drain and cool the peas.

  13. 3.In a bowl add corn, peas and all the ingredients and mix.Season with salt and pepper.

  14. 4.Serve chilled in cabbage leaves.


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