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  1. 2 gluten-free english muffins , sliced in half

  2. 4 eggs

  3. 4 slices of ham

  4. hollandaise sauce

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  1. Fill a frypan with about an inch of water, or milk if you prefer. The water is ready when small bubbles start to break the surface. A little trick is to stir the water to create a little whirlpool before you put in your eggs. The motion in the water will prevent your eggs from sticking to the bottom.

  2. Crack your eggs and add them to the water as the whirlpool slows. Stir the water again and allow the eggs to cook for about one and a half to two minutes. Drain the eggs on some paper towel.

  3. Meanwhile toast the muffin halves. Top the toasted muffins with a slice of ham and a poached egg.

  4. Heat the hollandaise and drizzle with over the eggs. You can use off-the-shelf hollandaise sauce, but make sure it’s gluten-free, alternatively you can make your own.


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