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  1. 1 pk Lumpia wrappers

  2. 1 lb. Fresh ground pork (plain) lb. Chopped shrimps

  3. 1 medium Chopped onion

  4. 2 medium Chopped carrots

  5. 1 cn Chopped water chestnut

  6. 2 medium Eggs

  7. 1 ts Ground pepper

  8. 2 tb Salt

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  1. Mixed all the ingredients together with the eggs. Water chestnut can be optional. When You can get lumpia wrappers in the oriental store you will notice that they are frozen, be sure when you get them you put them in the freezer because if you let them stay out and you don't use them right away they become mushy. You still need to thaw the wrappers before you are ready to wrap the mixture. Make an adhesive from scramble egg as the paste for sealing the wrappers. To roll the lumpia up like a small cigar place lumpia wrapper on the table spread all the mixed ingredients at one end of the wrapper then roll it until it is at the end of the wrapper, seal it with the egg. When you think that they are all tightened and everything has dried you can cut them into four pieces. There are at least 30 lumpia wrappers in a package. The way of cooking is deep frying. You can use sweet and sour sauce as a dip but the tradition dip is soy sauce, vinegar and minced fresh garlics.


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