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  1. Wash and trim

  2. 2 bunch scallions (1)

  3. 1 bunch greens (e.g., kale, mustard)

  4. or 1 small head lettuce (e.g., escarole, romaine)

  5. Bruise a few

  6. garlic cloves

  7. and, if large, cut lengthwise into smaller pieces.

  8. In a microwave casserole dish, layer the greens and scallions,

  9. starting and ending with the greens.

  10. (Cut the scallions in half, if necessary, to fit in the dish.)

  11. In each layer scatter a few pieces of garlic.

  12. Cover, and nuke until the whites are tender and slightly

  13. translucent. (About 7 minutes depending on wattage.)

  14. (Everything will be so completely wilted that you'll hardly

  15. recognize them.)

  16. Discard the greens and garlic.

  17. In a small bowl, whisk together 2 Tbsp mayonnaise

  18. 1 Tbsp garlic vinegar (2)

  19. until well blended. (It will be very runny.)

  20. Pour the dressing over the scallions, turning to make sure the

  21. scallions are well coated.

  22. Chill for several hours, turning a few times, before serving.

  23. The scallions will squeak as you eat them, but that makes them

  24. even more fun.

  25. Serves 4 as side dish.

  26. NOTES:

  27. 1. Choose scallions with small white parts.

  28. 2. Garlic vinegar should be available in most supermarkets or gourmet food stores. If not, make your own (I do!) as follows -

  29. Garlic Vinegar --

  30. In a small saucepan (non-aluminum), boil

  31. 2 cups white vinegar

  32. Pour the vinegar into a sterilized glass jar.

  33. Peel and bruise slightly

  34. 4 cloves garlic (they should be unblemished)

  35. and add to the vinegar.

  36. Seal the jar, and store in a cool dark place for 3-6 weeks, the

  37. longer the stronger.

  38. Strain the vinegar into a fresh sterilized jar.

  39. Optionally, drop a fresh unblemished garlic clove for decoration/identification.


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