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  1. 2 (7g) sachets dried active baking yeast

  2. 125ml lukewarm water (45 degrees C)

  3. 550g plain flour

  4. 4 tablespoons caster sugar

  5. 1 teaspoon salt

  6. 2 eggs, beaten

  7. 350ml milk

  8. 200g chopped apple

  9. 150g sultanas

  10. 1 litre vegetable oil for frying

  11. caster sugar for decoration

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  1. Warm oven on lowest possible temperature setting.

  2. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water in a small mixing bowl. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar and salt. Add the eggs, yeast mixture and milk; beat with an electric mixer until blended.

  3. Turn off the oven. Cover the prepared dough with a greased piece of cling film, and place the bowl of dough on the lowest rack of the warmed oven. Allow to rest and rise for 1 hour.

  4. Heat the oil for frying to 175 degrees C in a heavy bottomed, deep frying pan.

  5. Mix the apples and sultanas into the dough. Then, carefully slide the dough by heaping teaspoons into the preheated oil. Do not crowd the pan. Fry the fritters until they are golden brown, about 2 minutes per side. They should turn over on their own when they are ready to brown on the other side, but keep an eye on them and flip them as necessary. Remove them to a kitchen paper lined plate and repeat with the remaining dough. Dust with sugar while warm.


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