• 10servings
  • 190minutes

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NutrientsCarbohydrates, Cellulose
VitaminsC, D

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  1. 1/2 a big pack digestive biscuits

  2. 50g unsalted butter

  3. 300g Philidelphia spread. Original or light

  4. 300g creme fraiche

  5. 50-100g caster sugar

  6. 1 whole lemon

  7. 100g chocolate chips

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  1. Crunch up the biscuits in a food processor, You want it all to be very fine and no large lumps. Melt the butter on a "low" heat. Don't boil it. Add the butter to the biscuits and mix until it is all even. Put the biscuit mix in a round pudding tin "the sort with a clip and removable bottom", preferably non stick, and pat down nice and tight, right to the edge. Then place in a freezer to chill quickly, as it needs to be cold before putting on the cheesecake.

  2. Put the Philly in a bowl and mix it until it is soft. Add the creme fraiche and mix again until it is softer still. Add the sugar, The amount is up to you. if you want it sweet add more, if you like the sourness of the lemon, add less.

  3. Take the lemon, do not cut it in half yet. grate the lemon skin into the bowl, try and get as much as you can but only the yellow, try not to get the white in. You want the smallest size on the grater. Mix this in until you are happy. Now cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into a juicer, it's a good idea not to get any bits in as you want a smooth creamy cheesecake. Add this to the mix and mix in as quick as you can until you have a lovely smelling smooth mix "mmmmmmmm" Then add the chocolate chips, I use dark chocolate as it is a lot nicer.

  4. Now take the base out of the freezer and smooth the cheesecake onto the base. try and get it even. And don't forget to lick the bowl, coz that's always the best bit. Put it in the fridge, It will be ready to eat and set in about 3 hours, So if you make it at lunch, you can have it after dinner. It's more solid the next day, but with me over half of it has gone by then :D Enjoy...


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