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  1. 4 md Parsnips, sliced thin (peel -them first)

  2. 1 bn Bok choy, chopped/sliced, in -fairly large chunks

  3. 1 cn Black beans, rinsed & -

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  1. -drained -teriaki sauce (optional) -cooked brown basmati rice -to serve vegetables over Put the sliced parsnips in a casserole (at least 4 qt.) with a tablespoon of water. Microwave on high for five minutes or until a fork can pierce the slices. Dump the black beans in, and stuff the bok choy on the top. If the water has dried up, add a little more. Microwave until the bok choy is wilted and the stem tender-crisp. Stir and serve over cooked rice. Let everyone add their own teriaki sauce. The natural flavors of the vegetables make this appealing, so go easy on the sauce or any spices you are inclined to add. Posted by "Anne.Cox" <> From Fatfree Digest, Vol.

  2. , June 2, 1994 Formatted by Sue Smith, S.Smith34, using MMCONV.


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