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  1. 1 onion

  2. 1 clove garlic cumin pasta (penne is good) olive oil parmesan ; coriander/parsley ; white wine

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  1. Put the pasta on now. It won’t take that long to make the sauce. Fry onion gently in olive oil. In my view, this incredibly easy meal is made or broken at the onion frying stage. I recommend heating up the pan for at least a minute on the crazy electric stove then put in some olive oil - you will know it’s hot enough when it has a rippled effect across the base of the pan. Throw in the onions and stir constantly until they are translucent. If they look like they are burning at all, just take them off. When they look like they are nearly cooked, throw in the garlic clove, crushed. Drain the beans but keep the liquid from them in a cup. When the onions are done, pop the beans into the pan and fry a tiny bit. Then add some of the liquid from the cup - as much as you think you need to make it look like a sauce. At this stage you can sprinkle in some cumin, a teaspoon of powdered chicken stock, and pour in a splash of wine if you have it. It will actually work without any of this though if you don’t have them handy. When the beans are warmed through and the pasta is ready, take the sauce off the heat. When you are draining the pasta, before you pour the water out, keep one cup of the water aside. Then drain. Pour some olive oil into the pasta then serve into bowls. Splash a bit of the pasta water into the bowls - I’m talking a couple of tablespoons here. It keeps the pasta moist and makes the sauce stick better. Pour the sauce over the top and garnish with some grated parmesan and or coriander.


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