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  1. 1 cn Evaporated milk (5 1/3 oz)

  2. 1 c Vegetable oil Juice of one lemon

  3. 1/2ts Chicken-like seasoning ds Garlic calt ds Seasoning salt

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  1. + Directions : Pour evaporated milk into blender. Through top of blender, gradually add oil, pouring in a constant, thin stream. This will make a while emulsiion. Pour into small bowl. Add seasonings and mix well. Add lemon juice last, because as soon as you add it, the dressing will begin to set up. Keep stirring until mayonnaise is a good consistency and the little lumps have disappeared. Store in refrigerater. This won't keep as long as commercial mayonnaise, but it will keep several days. Use ust as you would mayonnaise or salad dressing.


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