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  1. 1 1/2lb Fresh spinach, uncooked Mashed

  2. 3 Anchovy filets, minced or 1 Cl Garlic, mashed

  3. 1 pn Pepper, fresh ground

  4. 1 pn Salt

  5. 3 tb Wine vinegar

  6. 1/4c Olive oil

  7. 2 Eggs,hard-cookeand chopped Fat for dressing Finely chopped; reserve

  8. 2 sl Bacon, crisp-cooked,

  9. 2 pn Drained and diced

  10. 1/2 Lemon, juice of

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  1. + Directions : Wine: Robert Mondavi Napa Gamay. Wash spinach carefully several times to get rid of all sand. Or buy pre-washed and trimmed fresh spinach, give it a quick wash and dry well. Place spinach in a bowl, add pimientos, bacons and eggs. Combine oil and vinegar in second bowl. Add salt, pepper, garlic, anchovies and lemon juice. Mix well. When ready to serve, discard bits of garlic; pour dressing and warm bacon grease together and stir until blended. Pour over spinach, toss well and serve.


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