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  1. 1 Bunch Fresh Broccoli,

  2. Tossing

  3. Olive Oil and Oleo for Minced Parsly To Taste

  4. Pepper

  5. 2 cl Minced Garlic

  6. 2 lb Linguini

  7. 3 md Zucchini, Sliced

  8. 1 pt Fresh Mushrooms, Sliced

  9. 2 md Onions Diced

  10. 1/4c Olive Oil

  11. Pieces 4 Carrots Cut Into Small

  12. Broken Into Flowerets

  13. 1 lb Linguine

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  1. in a Large Pot, Bring Approximately 6 Cups Of Water To a Boil.

  2. Blanch the Carrots and Broccoli for 2 To 3 Minutes.

  3. Drain and Save the Water.

  4. Heat Oil in a Large Skillet and Quickly Saute the Onions, Mushrooms and Zucchini.

  5. in a Large Pot, With the Water from the Vegetables, Cook the Linguini for About 7 To 8 Minutes until AL Dente (Firm).

  6. Meanwhile, Coat a Large Skillet With Olive Oil and Heat.

  7. add minced Garlic (Use More Oil If Needed).

  8. Combine All the Vegetables and Saute until Very Hot.

  9. Gently Mix the Vegetables and Season With Pepper and Minced Garlic.

  10. Drain the Linguini and Toss in Olive Oil and Oleo.

  11. Mix the Linguini With the Vegetables and Serve Immediately While Hot.


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