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  1. 1kg of veal shoulder or leg meat (boned removed)

  2. 3 onions finely sliced

  3. 50gm butter

  4. 80gm plain flour

  5. 1 litre of chicken stock

  6. Salt & white pepper

  7. Nutmeg

  8. Chopped parsley

  9. Cream

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  1. BLANQUETTE OF VEAL THIS RECIPE SERVES: 4-6 1kg of veal shoulder or leg meat (boned removed)

  2. onions finely sliced 50gm butter 80gm plain flour 1 litre of chicken stock Salt & white pepper Nutmeg Chopped parsley Cream Bone the joint of meat, trim off any thick fat and skin, cut into 2cm cubes.

  3. In a heavy based pan melt the butter, add the onions and sweat until tender, add in the meat and sweat until the meat has changed colour but not browned.

  4. Sift in flour and mix in as for a roux. Cook the flour without browning for a couple of minutes.

  5. Slowly incorporate boiling stock until all is absorbed, season with pepper and nutmeg, cover with a cartouche, and braise for approximately 1hr 40mins, stirring occasionally, the meat is ready when tender and has lost its resistance when a skewer or a small knife is pushed into it.

  6. Work in the chopped parley and a small amount of cream, finish off by seasoning with salt.

  7. Serving suggestions: Peas, Dutch carrots, Asparagus, Pearl onions, Broad beans, Kipfler potatoes.


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