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  1. 2 cups milk

  2. 5 tablespoons pure maple syrup

  3. 2 large egg yolks

  4. 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

  5. 1/8 teaspoon salt

  6. 2 large egg whites, beaten

  7. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

  8. 1 (9-inch) baked pie shell

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  1. Combine milk, maple syrup, egg yolks, flour and salt in a medium saucepan; heat over medium heat, beating with wire whisk until thickened. Cool slightly. In another bowl using an electric mixer on medium speed, beat egg whites until foamy, add sugar and beat until stiff. Pour the cooled maple mixture into a 9-inch baked pie shell. Cover with stiffly beaten egg white mixture. Broil until the meringue is lightly browned.


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