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  1. 1 oz Butter

  2. 3/4 To one gill of milk

  3. 4 oz Groundnuts 

  4. -through a mincing machine)

  5. Cayenne pepper and salt

  6. 1 oz Flour

  7. 2 Oz. fresh breadcrumbs

  8. Worcestershire, tomato or -H.P. sauce to flavour

  9. Juice of one lemon (to bind

  10. -it well)

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  1. Melt the fat and add the flour to it. Beat in the liquid gradually, stir until boiling and cook for a few minutes. Add the minced nuts and other ingredients. Beat well over heat until all the ingredients bind, then turn onto a wet plate and mark out evenly. When cold, form into cutlets, using a dusting of flour. Brush with beaten egg or milk and serve with tomato sauce. This recipe can also be used for the making of egg cutlets, 3 hard boiled eggs being substituted for the nuts.

  2. Posted by Stephen Ceideburg November 25 1990.


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