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  1. 1 ea Onion, chopped

  2. 1 c Black-eyed peas, cooked

  3. 3 ea Tomatoes, chopped

  4. 1 1/2 ts Turmeric

  5. 1 ts Chili powder

  6. 1 tb Cilantro, chopped

  7. 1 1/2 c Coconut milk

  8. Oil Salt Heat the oil in a large, deep pot. Cook the onion gently until it is golden & soft. Partially mash the cooked peas with a fork & then add ot the cooking onion. Add the tomatoes & mix well. Put in the turmeric & chili powder, seasoning & half the cilantro. After that, pour in the coconut milk, stirring to blend all the ingredients. Cover the pot & leave to simmer for 10 minutes before garnishing with the remaining cilantro. Serve over rice. **Use parsley in place of cilantro. Troth Wells, "The World in Your Kitchen"


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