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  1. 1. bake up crisp, not chewy

  2. 2. be a smooth dough or have small add-ins like toffee bits, mini-chips, grated nuts or chocolate (large pieces will interfere with rolling out & may leave holes in the baked cups)

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  1. Chill dough well. Heat oven to 375°F. (You may need to experiment.) You can use mini or standard or "Texas" muffin tins. The friend who showed me these, uses Pyrex custard cups because they're the same size as her ice cream scoop. Turn the tins upside down and cut foil squares that completely cover the outside of a cup. For ease & safety when hot, cover every other cup with foil--do not scrunch or crumple foil, you will later remove the foil with the hot cookie. Oil foil well with cooking spray. Roll dough thinly, 1/8". Cut circles or squares sized to your foil-covered cups. Center dough pieces onto foil and lightly smooth into shape. (If dough tears, press dough back together or put with scraps to re-chill & re-roll.) Bake until lightly golden, 10-12 minutes. Cool on pan 10 minutes. Carefully remove both foil & cookie to a wire rack. While still warm, carefully peel off foil & let cookie cool completely. Fill with dessert(ice cream, mousse, pudding, fruit & whipped cream).


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