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  1. 1k g frozen raw Australian prawns in the shell

  2. 3 Tbsp olive oil

  3. Finely grated zest 1 lemon

  4. Serve with crab cakes , aïoli , pickled cucumber with hot-smoked salmon , grilled clams with crunchy tomato topping and a fresh herby salad .

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  1. Pan-fried prawns Thaw prawns quickly in a sealed plastic bag in a sink of warm water, changing water as it cools. Or thaw overnight in the fridge. Leave prawns intact or twist off heads, peel off shells, slit down the back and remove vein. Rinse and pat dry.

  2. Toss prawns with oil, lemon zest and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Heat a large frying pan over medium-high heat. When hot, add half the prawns and cook until they change colour and feel firmish (a few minutes on each side). Transfer to a plate and cook remainder. Alternatively, barbecue them all in one go. Serve within 30 minutes of cooking.

  3. Cook's tip - Serve the prawns intact or with shells and heads removed — depending on how much work you think your guests will enjoy doing for their dinner! If serving in the shell, have available small bowls of warm water with lemon wedges and napkins, or warm damp towels, for cleaning fingers.

  4. - A platter of food is an easy, casual way to serve a group, and a seafood platter is perfect for outdoor dining. Try this recipe with crab cakes, aïoli, clams with a crunchy topping and hot-smoked salmon with pickled cucumber, all on a fresh herby salad.

  5. From Taste magazine, December 2010.


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