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  1. Cream cheese, 1 pack room temperature

  2. Celery stalks, 12

  3. Paprika and garlic salt to taste

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  1. Wash each celery stick nicely and keep them aside. In a separate bowl add cream cheese and add garlic salt and mix well. With a knife spread the cream cheese and fill up the celery cavities. Now sprinkle paprika for taste and color. Cut the celery sticks in half and keep it for cooling.

  2. Spinach Dip with Hawaiian Bread Ingredients Frozen, chopped spinach, 10 oz Sour cream, 1 can Mayo, 1 cup Vegetable soup recipe mix, 1 packet Drained and chopped chestnuts, 1 can Chopped scallions, 3 Hawaiian round bread, 1 (Take a bowl and scoop the middle in round shape) In a medium bow, add the spinach, sour cream, mayo, soup mix, water chestnuts and stir well. Now cover and keep it cool it for 2 to 3 hours. Mix well and pour on the round bread.

  3. Chicken Almond Strips Ingredients Chicken breasts, cut into 1 inch strips, 1 pound Egg whites, 2 Ground almonds, 1 cup Cornstarch, ½ cup Salt, ½ tsp Sugar, 1 tsp Sherry, 1 tsp Vegetable oil, 2 tbsp Honey mustard In a large bowl combine cornstarch, sugar, salt and sherry until smooth. Gradually add in the egg whites. Place the chicken strips in this mixture and coat it with almonds. Take a large skillet and add the chicken strips and fry them for 7 minutes or till the time they get pink. Serve this easy appetizer hot.

  4. Finger Foods for Weddings Weddings are special occasions where people meet have fun and have a great time. It's a huge event for the bride and groom and it's but natural that the wedding food should also be special. So here's a look at finger food recipes for a large crowd.

  5. Deviled Eggs with Ball Peppers Ingredients Hard cooked eggs, 12 Low-fat mayonnaise dressing, ½ cup Dijon mustard, 2 tsp Sliced ball peppers, ½ cup Red pepper, ½ tsp Salt to taste Cut each egg in half and gently remove all the egg yolk. Now place all these egg yolks in a bowl and mash them. Now add the ball peppers, mayonnaise dressing, mustard, ground red pepper, and salt until well mixed. Place the egg whites in a 15 to 10 inch jelly roll pan which is lined with paper towels. Now add in the yolk mixture in the egg whites and serve.

  6. Lamb Canapes Ingredients Lamb meat, 12 ounces Sliced scallions, ½ cup Chopped dried apricots, 2 ounces Freshly grated Parmesan cheese Melted unsalted butter, ½ cup Plain white bread, 6 slices Fresh mint leaves chopped, 1 tsp Freshly ground black pepper, ½ tsp Garlic cloves, peeled and chopped, 2 Red chili flakes, ½ tsp Sea salt, 1 tsp 1 large egg beaten Preheat the oven to 375°F. In a bowl mix all the ingredients leaving cheese, bread and butter. Remove the crusts of the bread and discard. On each slice apply melted butter then cut into 2 inch squares. Now make each square in to a mini muffin. Now fill the bread with the lamb mixture but make sure you don't fill it in excess. Add grated cheese on the top and bake for 12 to 15 minutes until the bread is toasted nicely and the meat is well cooked.

  7. Cold Finger Foods Cold party appetizers are a favorite among people. This is one type of appetizer which is preferred by people from all walks of life. Cold appetizers are one of the easiest finger foods to make and they stay fresh for a longer time.

  8. Vegetable Dip Ingredients Sour cream, ½ cup mayonnaise, ¾ cup Dash Worcestershire sauce dried parsley flakes, 1 tsp dried minced onion, 1 tbsp Dill weed, 1 tsp Garlic salt, 1 tsp In a small bowl, add all the ingredients and stir gently but well. Chill for at least an hour and serve this dip with fresh vegetables.

  9. Guacamole Ingredients Chopped fresh cilantro leaves, ½ cup Finely chopped sweet onion, ¼ cup finely chopped Jalapeño chile, 1 Avocados, 2 Tomato, 1 Salt, ½ tsp Tortilla Chips Take a mortar add jalapeño, cilantro, onion, and salt; with pestle, grind. Make sure the mixture becomes juicy and thick. Cut avocados in half and remove the seed. Remove the peel of the fruit also. Cut tomato in half and squeeze out the juices and seeds. Now add the tomato and avocados in the mortar and blend until the mixture is smooth. Guacamole is best when it's eaten fresh. If you are not going to eat it now, wrap the guacamole with a plastic sheet to prevent discoloration and cool it for an hour.

  10. So these were some of the best finger food appetizers. Mostly people pay attention to the main course and desserts but appetizers are as important as the rest of the menu. As it is made fast and is very simple to make, appetizers are always a crowd favorite.

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