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  1. 1 C butter

  2. 24 oz chocolate (chips, bars, or pieces)

  3. 1 pint cream

  4. 4 C white sugar

  5. In a heavy duty 4 quart pan, mix the sugar and cream together. Bring to a rolling boil, reduce heat, and cook to a firm ball

  6. 238 degrees

  7. This make take a half hour, don't get impatient.

  8. In a large mixing bowl place the chocolate pieces, chips or broken

  9. bars, with the butter (cut into pieces).

  10. Carefully pour the hot mixture over the bowl contents, and with a

  11. hand held electric beater start to stir, increasing speed, and beat to a smooth consistency.

  12. Pour into a 9 X 15 cake pan, lightly buttered, and chill. When set, cut into desired pieces, or roll into desired balls to dip in dipping

  13. chocolate, or roll in nuts, coconut, powdered chocolate, etc.

  14. Chill and serve (makes 5 pounds)

  15. Ideas and suggestions: Use your favorite hershey bar, like cookies and cream or milk chocolate with almonds. Use half white and half brown

  16. sugar, Add fruit and roll in jello, Add peanut butter and knead it

  17. in for peanut butter fudge, Add marshmallows and nuts for million

  18. dollar fudge, don't add too soon or they float to the surface. Have

  19. fun, experiment and try lots of variations.


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