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  1. 1 pound smoked Polish sausage

  2. 2 flour tortillas

  3. Grainy brown mustard or Polish Mustard Sauce

  4. Sweet Bavarian kraut or sauerkraut, drained

  5. Caramelized onion

  6. Horseradish with Beets -

  7. wik

  8. a

  9. Smoked Polish cheese of choice, grated

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  1. If sausage isn't cut into links, divide it into 2 (1/2-pound pieces). If you like your sausage charred on all sides, split it in half but not all the way through. Grill outdoors or on a tabletop grill until hot and sizzling.

  2. Spread mustard down the center of the tortillas. Place 1 grilled sausage piece on top of the mustard. Top with drained kraut, followed by caramelized onions , horseradish with beets and cheese of choice. Enjoy!


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