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  1. Dough

  2. 3 cups AP flour

  3. 1 whole egg

  4. 1 egg yolk (save the egg white in the potatoes and cheese filling later)

  5. 1 teaspoon salt

  6. 3/4 cup warm water (heated up, not directly from the tap)

  7. mushroom Filling

  8. Portobello mushrooms or smaller field mushrooms

  9. Dried chili

  10. One clove of garlic

  11. 1/6 cup tamari sauce

  12. 1/8 cup of water (adjust to desired thickness)

  13. Cream (adjust to desired thickness)

  14. fresh rosemary leaves

  15. Heat up some olive oil in a pan and fry the garlic and the chiliWhen the garlic starts to soften, add the chopped mushroomsSaute until the mushrooms get softer. Add the water , cream and tamari and season with salt and pepperSpread some leaves of rosemary over the mushroom mixture and cook it for three minutes.

  16. cheese and potato Filling

  17. 4 - 5 boiled potatoes

  18. 4 TB butter or olive oil

  19. 1/4 milk

  20. 1 egg white

  21. 1/2 cup farmers' cheese

  22. salt and pepper

  23. cilantro

  24. Mash the potatoes with the egg white , some melted butter and milkAdd the farmers cheese as noted or to your own taste. Mix well and season with salt and pepperLastly, add chopped cilantro

  25. Topping

  26. Melted butter

  27. Finely chopped and fried bacon

  28. Finely chopped onions , fried very slowly in butter until brown

  29. sour cream

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  1. Mix the flour and the salt together with the eggs.

  2. Heat up some water and mix small parts at a time into the flour mixture.

  3. You can do it by hand or in a food processor.

  4. On a flat surface, knead the dough until it’s firm and soft.

  5. Cover with a damp tablecloth and let it rest on the counter top while you are making the fillings.

  6. Filling the Pierogi Uncover the dough and if necessary knead it some more.

  7. Divide into 4 pieces.

  8. Use lots and lots of flour while rolling one piece at the time to a 1/16” (1 mm) thickness.

  9. Make 3” circles and divide the fillings on top.

  10. Cover the filling and pinch the edges firmly to seal.

  11. Pat some more flour on every pierogi so they don’t stick together. If necessary, add some more warm water to the dough as the flour makes it drier in the process.

  12. Repeat until you have about 75 lovely pierogi.

  13. Heat up salted water.

  14. Once the water is boiling, drop some of the pierogi in the water.

  15. When they are floating up to the surface let them boil for approximately 1 minute more.

  16. Remove with a strainer.

  17. Top with melted butter and fried bacon and onions (chopped finely).

  18. Serve with a salad and some sour cream.

  19. You can also heat the butter in a frying pan and brown the pierogi before serving.

  20. Tips Cilantro is not really a traditional ingredient for a pierogi filling.

  21. Using a pasta roller to roll out the dough can save you a lot of time.

  22. Don't roll it too thin however, or the filling may split the dough when you try to seal the pierogi.


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