• 5minutes
  • 613calories

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NutrientsLipids, Cellulose
MineralsZinc, Copper, Natrium, Calcium, Potassium, Cobalt

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  1. 1 cup cold water

  2. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I use Crisco oil)

  3. 2 (1/4 ounce) packages the same flavor kool-aid unsweetened flavored drink mix

  4. 1 cup flour

  5. 1/4 cup salt

  6. 5 teaspoons cream of tartar

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  1. In a pot, combine water, oil, Kool-Aid, and salt.

  2. Heat and stir until salt dissolves.

  3. Add Flour and cream of tartar all at once to above.

  4. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until well mixed and dough forms a ball, (this should only take a couple minutes).

  5. Remove from heat once the dough forms into a ball.

  6. Cool on a clean baking sheet, kneading the dough as soon as it is cool enough to handle.

  7. Cool completely, and let your kids play away!

  8. (On occasion, I've mixed in a matching essential oil to enhance the fruity scent if I only have one package of a Kool-aid flavour on hand.) Store this Play Dough in a resealable plastic baggy or plastic container.

  9. It should last for a couple months, depending on how often your children play with it.


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