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  1. 3 eaches Bacon slices, diced

  2. cup Onion, minced

  3. cup Celery, minced

  4. 2 cups Water

  5. 3 teaspoons Chicken bullion

  6. 2 cups Potatoes, minced

  7. 2 cups Milk

  8. 2 cups Mocha mix or cream

  9. 3 eaches Cans cream style corn

  10. 2 tablespoons Margarine

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  1. Fry diced bacon until crisp, remove from pan. Add minced onion and celery to bacon grease and saute until limp. Combine above in slow cooker pot with water, bullion, potatoes, margarine and cream style corn. Cover and cook on low 7 to 9 hours. Add milk and cream, cook ½ hour more or until heated through.

  2. Notes: Can use chicken stock to replace water and bullion cubes.

  3. Mocha mix makes this soup extremely rich tasting, and the Mocha mix does not curdle with high heat like regular milk or cream.

  4. Source: Created by Dorothy Flatman Submitted By DOROTHY FLATMAN On 04-17-95


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