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  1. First of all, you have to understand that I *love* omelets. they are really

  2. Fast and easy, and make a good brunch or supper, if you are only cooking for One or two.

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  1. SUGGESTED STAND ALONE FILLIN leftover stuffed peppers, heated. (good served with refried beans on the side...pretend it's mexican) A dollop of Salsa is good with this. diced ham. better yet, diced ham and any kind of grated cheese you have... the sharper the better. almost any dab of a leftover vegetable, preferably either with some kind of sauce, or cheese that compliments it. creamed spinach, or spinach mixed with cream cheese (Ellen's recipe was posted a day or two ago) that last lonely strip of bacon you didn't need with yesterday's breakfast. Preferably with a little bit of leftover hashbrowned potato mixed in. leftover Italian sausage, diced or crumbled, preferably with either some leftover spaghetti sauce or sauteed onions & peppers Grilled or broiled salmon steak, with a dab of hollandaise or sour cream and dill...again, left over (yeah, right...did YOU ever have leftover Salmon?) any combination of: deli cold slice, snipped with kitchen shears grated cheese baby shrimp, canned will do nicely diced avocado diced fresh tomato (seeded and juiced) partially sauteed green pepper " " onion and if there is absolutely NOTHING in the fridge or the cabinet that sounds appetizing, fill it with apricot preserves! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Courtesy of The HomesteadBBS (615) 385-9421-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- TO ALL Submitted By NATALIE GOODMAN SUBJ OMELETTES On 10-27-95


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