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  1. 2 packages Crescent Roll dough

  2. 2 8-ounce packages of cream cheese, softened

  3. 3/4 cup mayonnaise

  4. 1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

  5. Broccoli, red onions, red and yellow bell pepper s, tomatoes, scallions, black olives, or other veggies, finely chopped

  6. Cheddar or Pepper Jack cheese , shredded

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  1. Roll dough out onto a jelly roll pan or cookie sheet. Smooth out creases, bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool.

  2. Mix softened cream cheese with mayonnaise and ranch dressing.

  3. When dough has cooled, spread with cream cheese mixture and top with finely chopped veggies. (Using a plastic bag on your hand, lightly press the veggies into the cream cheese mixture.)

  4. Top with shredded cheddar or pepper jack cheese, and refrigerate until serving.


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