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  1. Ingredients 1tablespoonshortening, (rounded)1tablespoonflour2tablespoonred chili powder2cupwater1corn tortillas 2poundlean ground beef1smonion1lgripe avocado, diced1mozzarella cheese, or cheddar, monterey jack, shredded as desired1salt, to tasteDirections:ENCHILADAS: To make sauce, melt shortening in skillet. Add flour; mixwell.Stir in chili powder and water. Bring to boil, cooking and stirring untilthickened. (Should be thick enough for dipping corn tortillas.)FILLING: Cook ground beef until brown. Add diced onion, avocado and salt;mixthoroughly.Dip corn tortillas in sauce. Fill with meat mixture and lots of cheese.Roll and serve piping hot.


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