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  1. 1 bag frozen berries (we like the mixed, but sometimes use a single berry as well)

  2. Sugar

  3. Oatmeal (any variety, but we like the Irish kind from Trader Joe's)

  4. Brown sugar

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  1. Slightly thaw the bag of fruit and put in a blender. Add enough juice or water to create a puree – and add just enough sugar, about a Tbsp. to sweeten slightly. Place the puree in a microwave safe dish and heat just until warm, do not over heat. In the meantime prepare the oatmeal the way you like it for the number of people you are serving. We use the water based version, but some prefer milk. Have ready enough broil-proof bowls. In the bottom of each bowl place 2-3 Tbsp. of the fruit puree. Ladle in a serving of the prepared oatmeal, and sprinkle with top with brown sugar. Broil until the brown sugar turns very hot and bubbly. Serve hot, with milk if preferred.


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