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  1. 1 md Cauliflower, separated into 1/4c Sugar White vinegar

  2. 6 tb Wine vinegar OR 3/4c COCA-COLA

  3. 1/2c Celery, very thinly sliced Water, boiling 2-in strips Cored, seeded, and cut into 1 Green bell pepper, washed, Drained Flowerets, washed, and 1 1/2ts Salt

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  1. + Directions : In a large bowl, combine the cauliflower flowerets and bell pepper strips. Cover with boiling water. Let stand for 2 minutes; drain thoroughly. Add the celery. In a small pan, heat the Coca-Cola, wine/white vinegar, sugar, and salt. Pour over vegetables. Toss lightly with a fork, and pack into 1-quart glass jars. Push down lightly so the liquid covers the vegetables. Cover and chill overnight. This keeps in the refrigerator for several days. Makes about 1 quart. Recipe: "International Cooking with Coca-Cola", a give-away pamphlet from The Coca-Cola Company, 1981


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