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    1. 1 1/2 lb Mullet filets

    2. 2 To 3 limes; juice of

    3. 1/2 c Butter

    4. 1 ts Salt

    5. 1/2 ts Pepper

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    1. Place filets in a flat pan; squeeze lime juice on top. Refrigerate 4 hours to tenderize. When ready to cook, place on an oiled grill over hot coals and brush with butter. Season with salt and pepper. Baste frequently with butter as fish browns. "Mullet - an Okaloosa County tradition found at political gatherings, seafood festivals and the inspiration for the annual Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival. Mullet is served with cheese grits, cole slaw and hush puppies." From Lisa Madden in _Sugar Beach: A Cookbook by The Junior Service League/Fort Walton Beach, Florida_. Orlando, FL: Moran Printing Company, 1984. Pg.

    2. ISBN 0-961356-0-0. Typed for you by Cathy Harned.


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