• 15minutes

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  1. Tri-tip

  2. onion s

  3. French rolls

  4. white American cheese

  5. cheese -wiz

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  1. Here’s what my friend Jim Wright says to do:

  2. “Tri-tip sliced thin, onions chopped thick then grilled, French rolls from Pink Dot, white American or cheese-wiz. Cook the steak on top of the onions. Go Eagles! Jim”

  3. Notes:

  4. Get the butcher to freeze the tri-tip a day before, then slice it frozen (slice between 2-4 thickness)

  5. If you can find an “eye-roll” cut, go with that. But it’s hard to find. A tri-tip is a close second.

  6. I would go with the Whiz, or Provolone. Jim says to try to find Wiz in a can and warm it up on the griddle.

  7. Also, I’m partial to sweet and/or hot peppers. Jim says you can put it on while cooking for extra spiciness, or after cooking.


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