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  2. Title: Linzer Augen (Linzer Eyes)

  3. Categories: Cookies

  4. Yield: 24 servings

  5. Dough:

  6. 6 oz Unsalted butter

  7. 4 oz Sugar

  8. 4 oz Ground blanched almonds

  9. 8 oz Unbleached all-purpose flour

  10. Finishing:

  11. 1 Egg; beaten

  12. Blanched sliced almonds

  13. 12 oz Apricot or raspberry jam

  14. 2 oz Water

  15. Confectioners' sugar

  16. PREHEAT OVEN TO 325F. Beat the butter until light and soft, then beat

  17. in the sugar. Continue beating until very light. Stir in the almonds, then

  18. the flour. Scrape dough onto a piece of plastic wrap, flatten and wrap.

  19. Chill until firm, about 1 hour. Flour dough and surface very lightly and 1/4-inch thick. Cut into 3-to-4-inch rounds with a fluted

  20. cutter.

  21. Transfer to paper-lined pans and cut a 1-inch opening in half the

  22. rounds with a plain cutter. Paint the cut rounds with beaten egg and strew

  23. with the sliced almonds. Bake the bases about 15 minutes, keeping them very

  24. pale. Cool the bases. Combine the jam and water and bring to a boil over

  25. medium heat, stirring occasionally. Strain into another pan and simmer the

  26. glaze until sticky. Sift confectioners' sugar over the almond-coated bases.

  27. Paint the others with the glaze and adhere the sugared bases to them. Fill

  28. in the openings with more glaze.



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