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  1. 2 (4 oz.) oz. salmon filets

  2. 3 lbs. ripe heirloom tomatoes

  3. 1 basket of toy box tomatoes

  4. 6 grams (approximately 2 sheets) of sheet gelatin

  5. 1/2 tbsp. basil seeds

  6. 2 bunches of basil Olive oil Cheesecloth Pinch of salt

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  1. Wash and core the tomatoes. Pure them in a blender or food processor.

  2. Take the pure liquid blend and strain it through a cloth napkin into a bowl. The remaining liquid in the bowl will look clear like water, with a slight reddish tint to it.

  3. Take 6 grams of sheet gelatin, soak it in cold water and let it soften.

  4. Bring the tomato consomm to a very low simmer. Once the gelatin sheets are soft, slowly add them in, diluting them in the tomato consomm. Next, pour the mixture onto the flat surface of a dish and refrigerate for at least one hour.

  5. Put the basil seeds in a small bowl and cover them in water until all of the water is absorbed. The consistency will become similar to tapioca, where it is transparent on the outside with a "black eye" in the center where the seeds have formed together.

  6. Next, pick the leaves off of the basil. Blanch in boiling water for one minute and then place in an ice bath. Let it cool, and then wring out any excess water.

  7. Place basil leaves into a blender and then drizzle just enough olive oil to cover the top portion of the basil. Puree until it is a smooth paste. Then strain the basil puree through cheesecloth until you are left with green basil oil.

  8. Saut the salmon filets for approximately 10-20 seconds on one side, flip it over and saut it for just one second on the other side. Plating: Drizzle the basil oil on a plate. Place the basil seed around the plate. Put the tomato gele in the center and the sauted salmon on top.<


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